Training Video Production
Training Video Production
Training Video Production

The video is an effective tool in the training process as it transfers knowledge, information, skills, rules of thinking and sound scientific behavior to the trainee, and this is only achieved by taking into account specific conditions and ingredients for its use, as the educational film for the video has technical and educational components that must be integrated through the participation of all scientific specialists by presenting The scientific training material in a field that matches the chronological and mental age of the target audience, then reviewed and processed technically and scientifically by specialists and formulated in the form of knowledge and skill objectives to achieve maximum benefit from this method.

In the E Marketing On Google Center for Training and Consultation, we offer the service of producing educational videos in a motion graphic method, because it is one of the best options for converting ideas and data into visual elements that convey a message or explain an idea, and can be used to explain any educational material you wish to convey to your followers.

Our service features the following:

1- A professional technical team that creates and implements videos in a motion graphic way, starting with the idea, then drawings and animation, with the addition of various sound effects to produce a distinctive product that contributes to the effective delivery of your training material.

2- Various layers of attractive voices (man, woman, child) and the customer can choose the best and appropriate voice for his educational material.

3- We produce videos with attractive visual effects, and we work to turn any idea into an interesting visual material.

4- We provide the customer with various ready-made templates that he can choose the most suitable for his scientific material.

5- We use the most appropriate language for the customer: Standard Arabic, Colloquial, English, etc....

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