Studying And Implementing An E-marketing Plan
Studying And Implementing An E-marketing Plan
Studying And Implementing An E-marketing Plan


Studying and implementing an e-marketing plan

The five main stages of developing and implementing any e-marketing plan:

First: Clearly define your marketing objectives:

  • Is the goal to encourage the target group to do a direct action, such as buying a specific product or service, or registering in the email list?
  • Or is the goal is to introduce a new product or service.

The process of setting goals at this stage will affect the rest of the stages of the plan, for example, choosing the target group, the required budget, the marketing message, as well as the tool that you will use in the process of measuring the results of any e-marketing campaign.

Second: Determine the target group (customers or clients):

The wonderful thing in the world of e-marketing is that there is more than one way in which you can reach the target group. In addition to targeting by geographical area and language, there are many ways to facilitate the process of reaching the target group, including:

  • Targeting via e-content
  • Targeting websites themselves
  • Targeting by topics
  • Targeting by interests

Third: Determine the marketing tools needed to implement the e-marketing campaign:

Of course, there are many tools in the world of digital marketing, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing by search engines
  • Marketing through social media such as Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - LinkedIn and other social media platforms
  • Marketing through mobile applications
  • Content Marketing

And other tools that fit with the objectives set in the marketing plan.

Fourth: Determine the financial model:

Which you will depend on, as well as the amount required to implement such a campaign, and I mean here by the financial model is the payment strategy that you will use in displaying your marketing campaign on the Internet and of course there is more than one model, for example: -

  • Pay per thousand impressions CPM
  • Pay Per Click CPC
  • Paying for a sale or acquisition CPA
  • Pay for the CPV

And other models that depend mainly on your marketing goals..

Fifth: Determine the tools that you will use to measure the results of the e-marketing campaign:

This step is considered one of the most important steps that must be reviewed very carefully, as such tools show you the extent to which the e-marketing campaign has achieved the goals set in advance, in addition to this stage may show you new elements that were not taken into account when developing the marketing plan and setting the intended goals. implement it.

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