Email marketing campaigns
Email marketing campaigns
Email marketing campaigns


Email marketing campaigns:

Email marketing has many benefits and benefits. It brings real and unexpected benefits to companies and advertisers, from that, according to an answer to Google, which we put to you for information and interest:

  1. Increasing the number of customers for companies by getting new customers and offering products to them.
  2. The cheapest way to implement advertising campaigns, where companies can send colorful catalogs of all the company's products to new customers and thus get rid of the cost of printing and distributing those catalogs.
  3. Continuing communication with all customers by sending catalogs with all the details of new products.
  4. Increase the number of visitors to your site and make it public through thousands of e-mails - e-mails - that are sent monthly to new customers.
  5. The speed of implementing advertising campaigns, as companies can offer their products to thousands of customers at the same time, as sending thousands of e-mail takes moments.
  6. Owners of products and services can use email marketing to send out newsletters, product updates, event invitations, responses to inquiries and more.
  7. Sending advertisements for your business in e-mails to all your customers.
  8. Follow up on customers' questions and inquiries and respond to them.
  9. Increasing customers through marketing products, which leads to increased sales.
  10. An effective way to reach corporate goals.
  11. The speed of e-mail reaching customers and instantly, compared to traditional mail.
  12. Low cost of advertising campaigns for its use.
  13. Ease of obtaining the evaluation of the advertising campaign using e-mail by making statistics and analyzes on the number of mail messages received by customers.
  14. It does not cause any embarrassment like what caused by the phone call - telesales - as a method of getting to know new customers.
  15. Reducing the marketing budget for low cost is one of the most important advantages of e-mail. If it is compared to traditional means (fax - telephone - regular mail - personal interview), which makes many companies replace the traditional methods of e-mail communication.
  16. Companies are now investing e-mail in marketing their products, whether they are goods or services, because of its ability to deliver messages to millions of people; Which creates a wide market for the product.
  17. Companies will no longer need to spend expensive advertising expenses using email marketing.

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