Create Social Media Accounts
Create Social Media Accounts
Create Social Media Accounts


Create social media accounts

  1. Facebook Who among us does not know Facebook, as it is the largest and most widely used social media site in the world. You can use this site to create a page for your blog or website, publish blog links on it, and attract many fans on the page. This will make your blog popular among Facebook users. Also, backlinks are powerful for the blog, in addition to being an important source of traffic to your site or blog
  2. Twitter The second largest social media site in use in the world where you can use the site to publish blog links via tweets or tweets, which enables you to get a backlink to the blog from Twitter and bring a large number of visitors to the blog.
  3. Google Plus is the third largest social media site and plays a major role in bringing visits to the blog and improving its ranking in search engines, especially Google search engine, as the site is also affiliated with Google.
  4. Digg This site is not like Facebook or Twitter, but you can use it to create pages for your blog on it, which gives you a strong backlink to the blog and is also a reliable traffic source.
  5. YouTube is the largest site in the world and the first in the field of video content sharing. The site is very popular with users, so you can publish and share some videos of your blog on YouTube, and then get a strong backlink to the blog and bring a large number of visits for free.
  6. StumbleUpon, a site similar to Digg
  7. is one of the largest social media sites that allow traffic exchange, so you can use it to bring more visits to your blog and also build backlinks for your blog by posting blog links on the site.
  8. HubPage. You can create a blog on it, share your blog topics with it, bring a large number of visits, and earn more backlinks for your blog.
  9. Linkedin is one of the largest social media sites. You can share your blog content on this site to bring in a large number of visitors and also earn backlinks to the blog.
  10. Reddit is similar to Digg .

These sites are one of the largest and most popular sources for attracting visits and earning backlinks, and they are preferred by Google. The higher the number of fans and followers of your pages on social media sites, the higher and higher your site is in the Google search engine.

From this point of view, we advise companies and institutions that wish to spread through social media pages to build their pages with high professionalism in order to increase the number of followers of their pages.

Social media account creation services:

  1. Providing consultations and determining the appropriate types of pages for your services and products
  2. The service of creating social media accounts for companies and institutions
  3. Linking social media pages to the company's official website
  4. Create a common link for social media pages by company or organization name
  5. Professional social media covers design


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